What Is Collaborative Divorce

 The divorce cases can be solved through many ways. However, collaborative divorce is one of the very important methods to solve the divorce problem but there is a need to understand its actual meaning. In these kinds of cases, there are two attorneys. One attorney is for the husband and the other one is for the spouse. However, there is a twist in the tail. Both the party does not fight to solve the case. In fact, both the attorneys work in cooperation with each other and then solve the problem with mutual understanding. There is no doubt at all that this kind of cases takes only few days and the time required is quite less than any other method. The word collaboration itself means joint and there is hardly any doubt about its true meaning. However, not all the attorneys are expert at these.

There is no doubt that only limited number of attorneys throughout the country does these jobs but this does not means that the charges are more. Charges are definitely less as compared to the charges being taken by the trial attorneys. The biggest plus point with this format is that it is informal. Both the attorneys are in touch always and so are the husband and the wife. There is full cooperation between the two attorneys. Both the attorneys equally share all the evidences and the record statement and they definitely keep both husband and wife in mind.

If anybody will look at the trial cases then they will certainly find that in all the cases one of the two is the winner. However, the collaborative format make sure that neither of the party feels that they have lost and all the assets as well as the children are equally shared by both the husband and the wife. There is no doubt at all that the adversarial systems are quite complex and this kind of approach about which we are talking is certainly the best one. There is always parity of payments and this makes sure that none of the party feels at any time that they are not paid. In fact, there is never lack of fund for both the parties and this is one of the advantages of this system.

No format can assure anybody that it will always solve the problem and hence there is no doubt at all that the collaborative process also might be a failure. However, there is nothing to worry about and if this happens then the couples are always free to go to the trial court and then finally get the ultimate decision. In fact, they can go for any other method. In reality, the collaborative divorce process is undoubtedly the best method and this is the appropriate way to find the solution. The whole process is informal and both the attorneys work under mutual understanding. It consumes less time and the amount spent is quite less as compared to the other kind of methods. It is an easy process and almost all the couples can follow it quite easily.

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